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Neodymium-doped Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG) crystal is the best of the rare earth garnet materials that are characterized by four-level system which permits low threshold operation both in pulsed and CW mode.
● Nd:YAG is widely used solid-state laser material adopted by R&D, medical, industrial and military customers. For example, it can operates in the following applications.
● Nd:YAG can produce blue laser with the frequency-doubling of 946nm
● Nd:YAG can be operated in a very high power laser up to kw level at 1064nm
● Nd:YAG can be Q-switched with Cr4+YAG directly
● Nd:YAG can be used for high power green laser for SHG@1064nm
● High Gain,  Low Threshold,  High Efficiency
● High damage threshold
● High thermal conductivity
● Low Loss at 1.06 um,  High Optical Quality
● Good Mechanical Properties
Dimension Tolerance D(+0/-0.05)  * L(+/-0.5) mm Cut Angle <111> or<100>
Angle Tolerance  +/-5° Perpendicularity  ≤5′
Scratch/Dig 10/5 Chamfer <0.1mmx45°
Parallelism  ≤10″ Chips <0.1mm
Flatness  λ/10@633nm Clear Aperture ≥95%
Wavefront Distortion  λ/6@633nm Extinction Ratio  25dB
Coatings C1:AR@1064(R<0.2%) C2:AR@1064(R<0.2%)&808(R<0.5%) C3:AR@946(R<0.2%)&473(R<0.5%) C4:HR@946(R>99.8%)&473(R>99.5%)      &HT@1064(T>90%)&1319(T>90%)&808(T>95%)
Damage Threshold 1GW/cm² 10ns 10Hz at 1064nm

P/N Doping Cut Angle Size(mm) Coating
YAG-11-0305-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.3x50 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0404-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.4x40 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0505-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.5x50 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-05115-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.5x115 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0608-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.6x80 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0610-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.6x100 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-06115-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.6x115 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0612-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.6x120 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0615-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.6x150 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0708-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.7x80 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0710-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.7x100 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-07115-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.7x115 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0714-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.7x140 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0808-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.8x85 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0810-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.8x100 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-11-0811-C1/C1 1.1% <111> Dia.8x110 AR/AR@1064nm
YAG-07-4425-C2/C1 0.7% <111> 4x4x25 S1:AR@1064&808nm S2:AR@1064nm
YAG-11-332-C4/C3 1.1% <111> 3x3x2 S1:HR@946&473&HT@1064 &1319&808nm S2:AR@946&473nm