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1064nm&532nm System

It is a typical and common E-O Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser medical system. The system is working as dual wavelength(1064&532)
The main applications are:
● Tattoos (black, red, brown, blue, etc.);
● Pigmented lesions:
Sunspot, Ota's nevus, Melasma, Age spots, CALMS, Nevus, Zygomatices etc.
● Laser facial:
Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, fine wrinkles and expression lines removal, pigmentations reduction such as sunspots and freckles, firms up skin tone.
Advantages of CRYSTECH
● CRYSTECH can provide one-stop solution for supplying all the laser components of the system.
● Customers who use CRYSTECH’s components can reach highest and stable output power as follows:
1064nm,  up to 2.2J/cm2, 8-10ns, 1-10Hz
532nm,   up to 1.2J/cm2, 8-10ns, 1-10Hz
● CRYSTECH have many standard products to match customers’ varied requirement. There are stock ones for most of the standard products, this will save time and cost for customers’ design, especially for new systems.
Standard products for all components
Item Products Name Standard Size Coating
1 Real Mirror Dia.15x3mm, R=-2500nm Dia.15x3mm, R=-2000mm Cell Mirror Dia.15x3mm, R=-2500nm S1: HR@1064nm S2: Uncoated
2 KD*P Q-Switch Dia.25.4x39, CA:10mm Dia.19x28, CA:8mm Dia.25.4x44, CA:10mm S1&S2: AR@1064nm
3 Waveplate Dia.12.7x0.5, λ/4@1064nm Dia.15x0.5, λ/4@1064nm S1&S2: AR@1064nm
4 Thin Film Polarizer 27x16x2mm, Dia.30x3mm 20x30x6mm S1: PBScoating@1064 56deg AOI S2: Uncoated
5 Nd:YAG rod Dia.8x100;   Dia.8x110 Dia.8x85;    Dia.7x110 S1&S2: AR@1064nm
6 Output Mirror Dia.15x3,    T=15% Dia.15x3,    T=20% S1: PR@1064nm S2: AR@1064nm
7 45deg Mirror Dia.15x3;    Dia.20x3; Dia.25.4x6.35;  Dia.12.7x6.35 S1: HR@1064nm, 45deg AOI
8 KTP 8x8x5; 8x8x8; 9x9x5; 9x9x7;       10x10x5; 10x10x6; 10x10x7; 12x12x5; 13x13x6 S1&S2: AR@1064&532nm
9 Beamsplitter 16x12x1 20x16x1 S1: HR@1064, HT@532 S2: AR@532, 45deg AOI
10 Right Angle Prism 14x14x14 S1&S2: AR@1064&532nm
11 Focus Lens Dia.14x3, F=28mm S1&S2: AR@1064&532nm

Note: We may have other stock ones to match your special request, please contact us.